Celtic Unicorn
The Celts believe that the Unicorn represents purity, endurance, fertility and gentleness. Intrinsically linked to the realm of dreams, the unicorn has the power to see directly into your core being allowing it to judge your true nature and worth.
In Celtic mythology, the Unicorn's horn resembled a flaming spear. This is reckoned to be a symbol of solar power and had the power to heal or kill.
It was firmly believed that the horn of the Unicorn had magical properties and that it offered protection against evil. It also had the ability to 'detect' poisons and would 'sweat' in the presence of poison.
People who have an affinity with the Celtic Unicorn are often gentle creatures themselves and find themselves working to help and heal others, but don't cross them as that same passion for kindness can erupt into fiery anger.


Patch Options

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The Celtic Unicorn deluxe tee shirt

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