mens celtic tree of life design by monka

Celtic Tree of Life

Celtic knots are commonly known as endless knots because they have neither beginning nor end and represent the magical infinity of nature. The Celtic Tree of Life symbolises the continuous cycle of life through the depiction of root and branch woven together seamlessly without end.
Celts believe that the Tree of Life Knot symbolises balance and harmony in nature as well as wisdom, strength and a long life. It represents rebirth in that trees shed their leaves and ‘die’ in Winter months only to be magically reborn in Spring with new leaves.
The Tree of Life Knot is also seen as a symbol of unity between the underworld and this world and the trunk represents a doorway between the two realms. The Celts also believe that the trees are ancient ancestors and regard them as magical, living beings with the power to communicate with the ancient gods.
People who find an affinity with the Tree of Life possess a deep love of nature and trees in particular and are very protective of their environment.

Patch Options

This Celtic Tree of Life design is pictured with a single frayed layer of matching Douglas Ancient tartan.

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The Tree of Life deluxe tee shirt

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