mens celtic shield design by monka

The Celtic Shield

The Celtic Shield is an ancient Celtic symbol of protection. It was placed near children, ill people, or on battle shields for warding off evil spirits or other dangers. It can be made in several designs, but its uniqueness lies in its four distinct corners. Besides being a part of the Celtic culture, the Shield Knot is also believed to have been used by several other cultures for invoking the protective power of the ancient gods.

People who have an affinity with the Celtic Shield Knot are usually strong, reliable, and headstrong and provide protection and stability.

Patch Options

MoNkA tee shirts consist of amazing original full colour designs printed onto luxurious velvet patches. These patches are then sewn onto a fabric background of your choice. 

You can choose from frayed layers of black fabric, matching tartan or even mixed tartan. You can have double layers to create more depth or shaped fabric to create a truly stunning great quality tee shirt.


MoNkA tee shirts are hand crafted in the Scottish Highlands and are made to order so don't expect same day dispatch.

We expect to have your order ready and shipped to you within seven working days.

MoNkA ships Worldwide from Scotland. If you are outside the UK please CONTACT MONKA to arrange a shipping fee suitable for you.

The Celtic Shield deluxe tee shirt

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