mens celtic scottish pagan druid green man tee shirt design by Monka

The Green Man

 The Green Man is an ancient pagan spirit of nature. He represents man’s reliance on and union with nature and is also a potent symbol of the underlying life-force and renewed cycle of growth each spring. It seems likely that he has evolved from ancient deities such as the Celtic Cernunnos and quite possibly the Greek god Pan.
Cernunnos is a horned god found in Celtic mythology. He is connected with male animals, particularly the stag in rut, and this has led him to be associated with fertility and vegetation. Depictions of Cernunnos are found in many parts of the British Isles and Western Europe. He is often portrayed with a beard and wild, shaggy hair and is known as the Lord of the Forest.
Men who find an affinity with the Green Man are often quite virile and strong of character with a love of nature and trees in particular and are very protective of their environment.

Patch Options

This Green Man design is pictured with shaped frayed layers of a matching tartan.

This Green Man design is pictured with shaped frayed layers of a matching tartan.

MoNkA tee shirts consist of amazing original full colour designs printed onto luxurious velvet patches. These patches are then sewn onto a fabric background of your choice.

You can choose from frayed layers of black fabric, matching tartan or even mixed tartan. You can have double layers to create more depth or shaped fabric to create a truly stunning tee shirt.


MoNkA tee shirts are hand crafted in the Scottish Highlands and are made to order so don't expect same day dispatch.

We expect to have your order ready and shipped to you within seven working days.

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The Green Man deluxe tee shirt

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