The Celtic Dragon 

The Celtic Dragon represents the whole of creation and is the most powerful of all Celtic druid animal symbols. 
To the Celts the dragon is a creature of a parallel world and plays an important role in Celtic religion. It is the gatekeeper to other worlds, and also a guardian of wealth. Dragons are also frequently found in churches, both outside, to ward off evil, and inside, often in the company of the Green Man symbol.
If you identify with the Celtic Dragon symbol you are more than likely a strong and powerful spirit full of vitality who will use their imagination and inspiration to seek and find great wealth. If you feel an affinity with the Celtic Dragon then, like your Celtic ancestry, it’s in the blood and your ancestors will have known great power and wealth in their time.

Patch Options

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MoNkA tee shirts are hand crafted in the Scottish Highlands and are made to order so don't expect same day dispatch.

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The Celtic Dragon deluxe tee shirt

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